Name: Vitress Tamayo

Age: 23 years old (for real)

Occupation: Full-time Shemale Pornstar!

Hair Color: Vibrant black

Eye Color: Honey with golden sparks

Height: 5'5" (167cm)

Breast Size: 36DD and proud of it!

Cock Size: 7 inches erect

Zodiac Sign: I'm a Libra, from the month of October, but I don't really pay much attention to the Zodiac. It never gets it right for me!

Favorite Sex position: With a cock in my ass of course, no matter what position!

Sexual Orientation: If it's sex, I'm oriented to it! But I do prefer men over women in bed.

Ideal Date: One that starts with a movie, has red wine and sushi in it, and finishes with great sex. Lots of kisses during the entire date are a must!

As you probably noticed already, I am a fully functional shemale, and that will never change, since I love my shecock too much and I really love to use it for bad things in front of my camera!

I have been in the adult world for just two years now... My first encounter with porn was for a website called Trans World Asia, where I was featured as their shemale model of the month. They really liked my looks and my "performance" and encouraged me to pursue my dream of becoming a famous shemale, and that's what gave me the idea of getting my own website. After all, what better way to be known than by becoming a serious pornstar? So here I am, finally with my own site, and doing many, many, many naughty things in it. I'm not quite famous yet, but I'm getting there...

And in the meantime, I'm having so much fun and so much sex, that not a day goes by without me experiencing one of those toe-curling cumshots that I'm becoming my trademark ;)

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